Real Street Ram Kit for Small-Block Chevy
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This is the Real Street Ram for Small-Block Chevy.  This is the first tunnel ram designed to give you huge torque at real world RPM.  Our Patent Pending Quad-Plane technology creates a vertical ram with excellent venturi velocity, booster signal, and fuel distribution.  No more "sneezing" backfires.  No more mushy throttle response.  No more agonizing searches for band-aids to make a tunnel ram liveable on the street.

The Real Street Ram gives you razor-sharp throttle response and huge torque from right off idle.  The Real Street Ram is a fully engineered package - no guesswork about tuning the carburetors.  Bolt on, set up the idle, and drive!  The kit includes the manifold base, two custom cast aluminum tops with our Patent Pending technology, two custom QFT carburetors, linkage, dual feed fuel line, velocity stack air cleaners, carburetor studs, and carburetor base and air horn gaskets.  You will need intake manifold gaskets to match your heads, brackets for throttle and kickdown cables if needed for your application, and vacuum lines and fittings as needed for your application.

This thing is a joy to drive.  If you could not see the carburetors and air cleaners, you would swear you were driving a car with a single four barrel on a dual plane.  Our shop truck, a 1971 El Camino with a basically stock 350, TH350 with stock converter, and 3.55 gears, will spin the tires at 5000 feet of altitude just by braking against the converter.  You will likely notice a little more choppiness to your idle if you replace a dual plane with this setup. 

The Real Street Ram is recommended for mildly built engines from stock to 400-450HP. Note that stock electronic ignition (HEI) will not clear the manifold base. You must use a small base distributor.

This kit has a Full One-Year Guarantee.  If at any time you are not delighted with this product within one year of purchase, contact us.  We will work with you to resolve the problem, and if you decide you want to return it we will take it back and give you a full refund of the purchase price when the item is received in good condition.

Learn more about the Real Street Ram here!


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Real Street Ram Kit for Small-Block Chevy

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